Fulbright Scholarship

Fulbrights are awarded to exceptional students to research, study, or teach English abroad, in order to foster diplomacy and mutual understanding between the U.S. and other countries.

2024 Honorees



Katherine Kikta
DMSB’23, international business major

Saoirse McNally
SSH’23, human services and criminal justice major

Michael Nelson
KCH’20, physics and computer science major

Andrew Small
SSH’23, Asian studies major

Zaneta Sulley
SSH’22, criminal justice and sociology major


Amanda Brea
AMD/DMSB’22, theatre and marketing major

Avital Brodski
S’22, environmental science and media and screen studies major

Maxcy Grasso
SSH’22, politics, philosophy, and economics major

Nicole Occidental
S’22, behavioral neuroscience major

Paloma Socorro
SSH’22, political science major

Lydia Cleaveland
AMD/SSH’22, English and communications studies major


Lydia Cleaveland
S’21, psychology major

Tyler Gogal
E’21, mechanical engineering major

Shellaina Gordon
S’21, biochemistry major

Connor Holmes
BHS’21, health sciences major

Jacob Kaplan
E/KCS’21, computer engineering and computer science major

Sagi Ravid
E’21, chemical engineering major

Joseph Schmitt
DMSB’20, business administration major


Jacob Potts
E’20, bioengineering major

Madeline DuBois
E’20, environmental engineering major

Maxim Petrovsky
S’20, behavioral neuroscience major

Timothy Fraser
Doctoral student in political science

Sharon Kim
SSH’20, political science and business administration combined major

Dakota Stephens
SSH’20, political science and international affairs major, security studies minor


Zoe Bishop
S’19, biochemistry major, African American studies minor

Tim DiFazio
SSH’19, English major, linguistics minor

Megan Doe
MS’19, global studies and international relations major

Claire Fey
AMD’19, communications major, French minor

Isaac Kresse
E/S’19, chemistry and computer engineering combined major

Eleanor Patten
SSH/DMSB’19, political science and business administration combined major, social entrepreneurship minor

Cathy Tripp
SSH’19, international affairs major, cultural anthropology minor


Raevan Henderson
SSH’17, human services and criminal justice major

Alexander Vanarthos 
DMSB’17, business administration major

Daniel Russotto 
CCIS’18, computer science major, English and philosophy minors

Rayyan Mikati 
AMD’18, major in visual design: applications to organismal biology

Olivia Allen 
SSH’14, international affairs major, social entrepreneurship and business administration minors

Amy Zhao 
E’18, chemical engineering major, writing minor


Caroline Fried
SSH’17, double major in international affairs and history, Chinese and social enterprise minors

Sarah Sherman
S’17/SSH’17, combined major in biology and English


Kristina Angeles
SSH’15, human services and international affairs combined major, social entrepreneurship minor

Kelsey Burhans
SSH’16, international affairs and economics combined major

Esther Laaninen,
SSH’16, human services and international affairs combined major


Stanislas Phanord
SSH’14, political science major


Lauren Byrnes
S’13, biology major, chemistry minor

Lucas Schoeppner
AMD’12, journalism major, history and international affairs minors

Hollis Thomann
S’13, linguistics major, psychology and international affairs minors