The Hodgkinson Award is one of Northeastern University’s highest honors for graduating seniors. Colleges nominate their top students on the basis of academic and experiential performance, and selections are made by a faculty committee.

2023 Honorees



Hannah Boyce
E’21, chemical engineering major

Max Daniels
KCS/S’22, computer science and mathematics major

Theodora Stanley
BHS’22, health science major


Kerry Eller
E’21, bioengineering major

Connor Holmes
BHS’21, health sciences major

Abigale Purvis
DMSB’21, international business major


Kathryn Garcia
SSH’20, cultural anthropology major, art minor

Chantel Riendeau
DMSB’20, business administration major

Kritika Singh
E’20, bioengineering major, chemistry minor


Minhal Ahmed
E’19, bioengineering major, mathematics minor

Kathleen Brody
SSH’19, combined major in international affairs and human services, Spanish minor

Jameson O’Reilly
S’19, combined major in physics and mathematics


Olivia Arnold
AMD’18, journalism major, political science and international affairs minors

Melissa Giblin
BHS’18, health sciences major, biology minor

Emma Kaeli 
E’18, chemical engineering major, minors in mathematics, materials science, and engineering


Aneri Pattani
AMD’17, journalism major, Spanish minor

Travis DeLano
S’17, chemistry major, business administration minor

Kaitlyn Elliot
SSH’17, human services major, American Sign Language minor


Maisam Alahmed
SSH’16, combined major in political science and international affairs

Logan Jackson
E’16, civil engineering major

Victoria McGrath
DMSB’16, finance (awarded posthumously)


Christie Civetta
SSH’15, human services major, Chinese minor

Neel Shah
E’15, computer engineering major

Lindsay Weigel
BHS’15, health science major


Brooke Gasson
SSH’14, criminal justice major

James Maniscalco
S’14, physics major

Matthew Schmidt
BHS’14, pharmacy studies major, business administration minor


Brian Henske
SSH’13, international affairs

Bich Ngoc (Jade) Hoang
BHS’13, pharmacy major, business administration minor

Fernando Quivira
E’13, electrical and computer engineering major


Mark Cleary
BHS’12, health science

Matthew Cournoyer
SSH’12, political science, economics minor

Lauren Gianino
E’12, chemical engineering major, biochemical engineering minor

Shradha Khadge
S’12, behavioral neuroscience major


Steven W. Criscione
S’11, biochemistry and mathematics major

Nicholas Daggett
E’11, mechanical engineering major

Kenneth McGrady
CIS’11, computer science and mathematics major

Amanda Strobel
DMSB’11, business administration/finance and marketing major

Sarah Tishler
SSH’11, international affairs, psychology, and French majors